NFL Week 7 Recap

Here’s a recap of my picks for Week 7 and the actual game results (home teams in CAPS):

My Pick: Chicago (-1) over TAMPA: Reality: Bears 24 – Bucs 18; Tampa sucks, and if you think they’re good, you need to reevaluate your entire outlook on football. I need more videos of Jay Cutler swearing at Mike Martz to sustain me…

My Pick: Washington (+2.5) over CAROLINA; Reality: Redskins 20 – Panther 33; Let Washington’s free-fall begin. This all seems to be leading to St. Louis getting an entire draft out of the Skins for the rights to the 2nd or 3rd pick and Landry Jones.

My Pick: San Diego (-2) over NY JETS; Reality: Chargers 21 – Jets 27; I don’t understand why Philip Rivers has been getting such a free pass from the media this year. He’s been pretty awful, with more INTs than TDs on the season, and it’s not like he’s got a great personality to make up for it.

My Pick: Seattle (+3) over CLEVELAND; Reality: Seahawks 3 – Cleveland 6; From our Friday picks column:

Maybe Seattle isn’t as bad as we thought they were? Charlie Whitehurst is probably an improvement over Tarvaris Jackson.

Yeah not so much. Congrats on winning the Crippling Depression Bowl, Cleveland.

My Pick: TENNESSEE (-3) over Houston: Reality: Texans 41 – Titans 7: So much for the Matt Hasselbeck renaissance. As much as I’d like to see the Titans keep Jake Locker (my favorite QB from the 2011 draft) on the bench the entire year so he can develop, if Hasselbeck continues to play like he has the past two weeks, that won’t be possible.

My Pick: Denver (+1) over MIAMI; Reality: Broncos 18 – Dolphins 15 (OT); Tim Tebow completed 48% of his passes (against the 30th ranked pass defense in the NFL)! LEGEND IN THE MAKING HE IS THE ANOINTED ONE SHUT UP SATA WORSHIPING LIBERALS. In all seriousness, I’m pretty sure Stephen Ross called the Miami sideline and told the every player on the Dolphins that they would be cut and blackballed if they won that game.

My Pick: DETROIT (-3) over Atlanta; Reality: Falcons 23 – Lions 16; Matt Ryan has his mojo back and the Falcons are very much back in the playoff hunt.

My Pick: OAKLAND (-4.5) over Kansas City; Reality: Chiefs 28 – Raiders 0; KC’s three wins are against Minnesota, Indianapolis, and the Raiders two-headed monster of suck; Carson Palmer and Kyle Boller. Color me unimpressed.

My Pick: Pittsburgh (-3.5) over ARIZONA; Reality: Steelers 32 – Cardinals 20; That Kevin Kolb trade sure was a smart move by Arizona.

My Pick: DALLAS (-12) over St. Louis; Reality: Rams 7 – Cowboys 34; Get ready for a deluge of stories about how Dallas is the best team in the NFC East. Right up until the Eagles smack them around next Sunday.

My Pick: Green Bay (-9) over MINNESOTA; Reality: Packers 33 – Vikings 27; What a difference not starting Donovan McNabb makes. Thanks for all the chunky soup Donovan, enjoy the glue factory.

My Pick: NEW ORLEANS (-14) over Indianapolis; Reality: Saints 62 – Colts 7; That score is NOT a typo. Is there a mercy rule in football? Hey at least I got to watch Boarwalk Empire at its appointed time.


My Pick: BALTIMORE (-7.5) over Jacksonville; Reality: Jaguars 12 – Ravens 6: Let’s just chalk this up to me getting indiscriminately abused in the picks this week. Nothing makes sense anymore.

Week 7 Record:  5 – 7 – 1


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