Dear Farrelly Brothers, Leave My Childhood Alone

The Farrelly brothers made a couple of funny movies in the 90s, then proceeded to make lazy comedic dungpiles for the next decade, starting with Fever Pitch. That’s why I’m less than thrilled that fresh off ruining the Three Stooges the Farrelly’s are now looking to make a Dumb and Dumber sequel (not Dumb and Dumberer?)

EXCLUSIVE: Now that they have wrapped their dream project The Three Stooges after a decade of trying, Peter and Bobby Farrelly are moving forward with another project they’ve long wanted to do: a second installment of the New Line 1994 hit Dumb and Dumber. The intention is to bring back Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels as Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne, the lovable dimwitted pals with big hearts and small brains. Sean Anders and John Morris have been hired to write the script. They co-wrote the Anders-directed Sex Drive and just co-directed the Adam Sandler comedy I Hate You Dad. The hope is for the Farrelly Brothers to direct this next.

Dumb and Dumber is by my estimation the greatest comedy of all time, so just leave it alone okay? You assh*les aren’t funny anymore so stop ruining my childhood.


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