Weekend Preview: Dreamworks Face

Here’s your weekend preview, degenerates:


The Rum Diary: An adaptation of the novel Hunter S. Thompson wrote as a 22 year old.

Rotten Tomatoes: 51%

Uninformed Commentary: Like many other self-styled creative types of my generation I have a huge hard-on for Hunter S. Thompson. I honestly don’t give a f*ck what critics think (SUCK IT H8rs!) . The Rum Diary isn’t so much a great narrative as a great exploration of voice and style in modern writing so I can see why a bunch of stodgy old people reviewing movies (who probably didn’t take the time to read the book) wouldn’t get it. I still think this movie is going to be awesome.

In Time: Justin Timberlake plays a Robin Hood like character going up against Pete Campbell from Mad Men in a dystopian future where the rich buy immortality at the expense of the poor.

Rotten Tomatoes: 36%

Uninformed Commentary: This looked positively derptastic from the trailers so it’s no surprise that everyone hates it. Does anyone play entitled prick better than Vincent Kartheiser? I say no.

Puss in Boots: A Shrek spin-off featuring voice work from Antonio Banderas (he’s so sexy)

Rotten Tomatoes: 79%

Uninformed Commentary: Ahhh!! Dreamworks face!! Cats without pants! Make it stop!


I’ll admit, I’ve been having pretty severe Breaking Bad withdrawal the past few weeks, but it’s been somewhat mitigates by a very good sophomore season from Boardwalk Empire, a comeback by Dexter, and a new favorite of mine: Homeland, which just got a second-season order. Basically, if you have access to premium channels then the TV landscape isn’t quite so barren. If you don’t, well then sucks to be you.


The World Series continues to chug along into a seventh game tonight, even though no one cares at all about either of the teams.

Saturday’s best college football matchups are: 11. Michigan St. @ 13. Nebraska and 9. Oklahoma @ 8. Kansas St.

NFL Picks found here.

Have a fun and safe weekend.


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