Week 9 NFL Results

Here’s a recap of my picks and how they worked out

My Pick: Atlanta (-7) over INDIANAPOLIS; Reality: Falcons 31 – Colts 7; Nothing will stop the Colts from getting Andrew Luck. NOTHING.

My Pick: NY Giants (+8.5) over NEW ENGLAND; Reality: Giants 24 – Pats 20; Toldja

My Pick: NEW ORLEANS (-8) over Tampa Bay; Reality: Saints 27 – Bucs 16; The Buccaneers suck, just accept it.

My Pick: HOUSTON (-11) over Cleveland; Reality: Browns 12 – Texans 30; YUUUUP

My Pick: BILLS (-1.5) over NY Jets; Reality: Jets 27 – Bills 11; We now have a three-team tie atop the AFC East with the Pats headed to the Meadowlands next weekend. Things are getting pretty interesting.

My Pick: KANSAS CITY (-4) over Miami; Reality: Dolphins 31 – Chiefs 7; Tony Sparano should be fired for this. Every football fan outside Indianapolis hates you Sparano.

My Pick: San Francisco (-3.5) over WASHINGTON; Reality: Niners 19 – Redskins 11; Congratulations on your playoff berth San Fransisco.

My Pick: DALLAS (-11.5) over Seattle; Reality: Seahawks 13 – Cowboys 23; Damn you Romo!

My Pick: RAIDERS (-8) over Broncos; Reality: Broncos 38 – Raiders 24; Tim Tebow continues his streak of completing less than 50% of his passes, BUT LOOGIT ALL THOSE RUSHING YARDS. Tim Tebow would make a pretty good white running back. Also too, I would like to remind everyone that the Raiders gave up a first and a second round pick for Carson Palmer.

My Pick: Cincinnati (+3) over TENNESSEE; Reality: Bengals 24 – Titans 17; How the Titans were ever favored in this game a is a mystery we may never solve.

My Pick: St. Louis (+3) over ARIZONA; Reality: Rams 13 – Cardinals 19; Damn you Patrick Peterson!

My Pick: Green Bay (-5.5) over SAN DIEGO; Reality: Packers 45 – Chargers 38; I like how Philip Rivers waits for the last possible moment to screw up and destroy his team’s chances of winning. Someone’s been watching game film of Tony Romo.

My Pick: Baltimore (+3) over PITTSBURGH; Reality: Ravens 23 – Steelers 20; Yuup.


My Pick: PHILADELPHIA (-8) over Chicago; Reality: Chicago 30 – Philadelphia 24; This doesn’t upset me in the least.

Week 9 Record: 8 – 6


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