Week 10 NFL Recap (Updated)

Here are the results of this week’s NFL picks, in which I predictably got slaughtered:

My Pick: Oakland (+7) over SAN DEIGO; Reality: Raiders 24 – Chargers 17; Writing’s on the wall for Norv Turner.

My Pick: CINCINNATI (+3) over Pittsburgh; Reality: Steelers 24 – Bengals 17; I watched a good portion of this game and the Steelers got at least two critical calls to go their way in the fourth quarter. Tough break for Cincy.

My Pick: KANSAS CITY (-3) over Denver; Reality: Broncos 17 – Chiefs 10; The Chiefs are trolling really hard right now. First they complete a fourth quarter comeback, now they lose to Denver in a game where Tim Tebow completed only TWO PASSES. TWO! God, it’s going to be fun to see what Rex Ryan does to Tebow next week.

My Pick: Jacksonville (-3) over INDIANAPOLIS; Reality: Jaguars 17 – Colts 3; I have never seen a team tank a season as blatantly as these Colts. Bravo Indy, you’ve provided me with enough hate fuel to last the entirety of Andrew Luck’s career.

My Pick: Buffalo (+5.5) over DALLAS; Reality: Cowboys 44 – Bills 7; A pretty thorough beating. Get ready for a ton of Dallas hype right up until they lose next week in Washington. You watch, it will definitely happen.

My Pick: Houston (-3) over TAMPA BAY; Reality: Texans 37 – Bucs 9; Tampa sucks, just like I’ve been saying all season.

My Pick: CAROLINA (-3) over Tennessee; Reality: Titans 30 – Panthers 3; The Matt Hasselbeck renaissance is the best thing to ever happen to Jake Locker.

My Pick: Washington (+3.5) over MIAMI; Reality: Redskins 9 – Dolphins 20; Miami doesn’t seem to be grasping the whole Suck for Luck concept too well. Not that it matters because there’s absolutely no way that Indy wins a single game this season.

My Pick: ATLANTA (PK) over New Orleans; Reality: Saints 26 – Falcons 23 (OT); Can someone please explain Mike Smith’s decision to go for it on 4th down in OT ?

My Pick: Detroit (+2.5) over CHICAGO; Reality: Lions 13 – Bears 37; The NFC North is the best division in football.

My Pick: ST. LOUIS (+2.5) over Cleveland; Reality: Rams 13 – Browns 12; My immutable gambling law: When the Browns are favored take the points (unless their opponent is the Colts), remains undefeated. I don’t think I’ve picked a single Browns game incorrectly.

My Pick: Arizona (+14) over PHILADELPHIA; Reality: Cardinals 21 – Eagles 17; HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, Andy Reid needs to be fired. Keep in mind that the Cardinals missed two field goals of less than 50 yds. This could look even worse.

My Pick: Baltimore (-6.5) over SEATTLE; Reality: Seahawks 22 – Ravens 17; Should have seen this one coming.

My Pick: NY Giants (+3.5) over SAN FRANCISCO; Reality: Giants 20 – 49ers 27: Let’s just move on.

My Pick: New England (+1.5) over NY JETS; Reality: Patriots 37 – Jets 16; Funny what a difference not having Albert Haynesworth on your team can make.


My Pick: GREEN BAY (-13.5) over Minnesota; Reality: Vikings 7 – Packers 45; For the record, I don’t think the Packers are better than the ’07 Patriots, but they do have a better chance to go 19-0 as the overall competitiveness in the league is down.

Week 10 Record: 7-9


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