NFL Week 11 Thursday Pick

Here’s a quick hit in advance of tonight’s NFL Network Game in Denver.

NY Jets (-6) @ Denver

Ryan: This game is going to be fascinating to watch. Just four days later, the Jets could very well run the complete opposite defense that they deployed against the Patriots–where they often had seven defensive backs–and stack nine in the box, leaving Darelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie in single coverage.

It seems extremely logical that the Jets would cover this spread. However, I saw via Darren Rovell (who unrelatedly has been really annoying me in the last week or two…I’ve almost unfollowed him like three times but stuck around because two or three times a day he points things out that are very interesting) that 95% of the action is on the Jets. Considering that the line hasn’t shifted drastically, this means Vegas is betting on the Broncos and I’d rather be on that side than the public’s. Broncos cover as I brace for disaster and an angry GChat from my friend Teller, a die hard Jets fan.

Asif: I’m immensely disappointed that Rex Ryan only got three days to game plan for Tim Tebow, not that it’s that hard to do. With Knowshon Moreno gone for the season and Willis McGahee likely out this week, the Broncos offense is reduced to Tim Tebow running right, Tim Tebow running left, and Tim Tebow running up the middle. This is going to be fun. Jets cover.


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