Thursday Night NFL Pick: Week 13

Philadelphia (-3) @ Seattle

Ryan: Every time I blindly pick Seattle because of their mythical home field advantage, IT COMES BACK TO BITE ME. The Seahawks are an enigmatic bad team. They beat the Ravens and Giants but lose to the Redskins and Browns? How?

A lot of people have been pointing out that this is Michael Vick’s third game out with broken ribs while Tony Romo didn’t miss any. The tacit implication in this is either that a) Vick is a wimp, or b) Andy Reid thinks that Vince Young gives the team a better chance to win. Neither is a vote of confidence for Vick who, just three months ago, got PAID. Who could have known at the time that that was a bad contract?

The Eagles aren’t going to make the playoffs but how hard they fight will determine whether Andy Reid keeps his job. Sure, Eagles fans would like to fire him, but is there a better alternative for this roster? The Eagles always play great in December and I expect this season to be no different. Philly covers.

Asif: I know that the Eagles aren’t good or anything, but this line seems awfully low considering that Seattle just lost to Washington. Also, the three primetime games this week are this abortion, New England @ Indianapolis (Herp), and San Diego @ Los Angeles Jacksonville (DERP). I thought the flex schedule was supposed to fix this kind of stuff. Why can’t we have nice things?! Philadelphia covers.


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