NFL Week 13 Recap

Let’s take a look at the picks and see how they fared:

My Pick: Philadelphia (-3) over SEATTLE; Reality: Eagles 14 – Seahawks 31; Is my hatred for all things Eagles starting to make a lot more sense now? WHY COULDN’T YOU PLAY THIS WAY AGAINST THE GIANTS YOU A@#$#@H@#$LES

My Pick: Tennessee (+1.5) over BUFFALO; Reality: Titans 23 – Bill 17; I’m really tempted to pick Tennessee to win the AFC South now that Chris Johnson has apparently decided to try again and the Texans have sustained injuries to pretty much every player in their starting lineup, but I’m going to hold off on that for now. Just know that should the Bengals beat the Texans next week all bets are off on what conclusions I will jump to.

My Pick: Kansas City (+7.5) over CHICAGO; Reality: Chiefs 10 – Bears 3; The Bears are in major trouble. Caleb Hanie is terrible and with Matt Forte suffering a grade 2 knee sprain (out 2-6 weeks) it’s very possible that Chicago will lose every game they play between now and the end of the season. While I never root for players to get hurt (I’m not an Eagles fan after all) as a Giants fan all the Bears injuries have me pretty thrilled

My Pick: Oakland (+3) over MIAMI; Reality: Raiders 14 – Dolphins 34; You hear that? It’s the sound of a thousand necks breaking as people jump off the Raiders bandwagon.

My Pick: Cincinnati (+6.5) over Pittsburgh; Reality: Bengals 7 – Steelers 35; I’m really bad at picking AFC North games.

My Pick: Baltimore (-6.5) over CLEVELAND; Reality: Ravens 24 – Browns 14; Correction: I’m really bad at picking AFC North games that don’t involve the Browns. Those are really easy, just pick against Cleveland.

My Pick: WASHINGTON (+3) over NY Jets; Reality: Jets 34 – Redskins 19; Exact quote from the picks column:

 I realize that I will likely regret this pick.

And I do. The Redskins were ll set to win and then amazingly seized defeat from the jaws of victory at the end of the fourth quarter, in the time it took me to leave the bar where I got lunch to get home (about 15 minutes) this game had swung from a nice Washington win to another chapter in the inevitable Jets playoff story. I hate you Shannahan.

My Pick: Atlanta (-2.5) over HOUSTON; Reality: Falcons 10 – Texans 17; Huge missed opportunity for the Falcons. Between this and UGA getting stomped in the SEC title game things must be pretty subdues in Atlanta today.

My Pick: TAMPA BAY (-3.5) over Carolina; Reality: Panthers 38 – Bucs 19; Tough schedule or not, can we now all agree that the Buccaneers suck?

My Pick: NEW ORLEANS (+8.5) over Detroit; Reality: Saints 31 – Lions 17; The Saints and Packers have played the same opponents over the past two weeks (the Lions and Giants) and based on those two games New Orleans seems to be the better team right now. Just sayin’

My Pick: Denver (+1.5) over MINNESOTA; Reality: Broncos 35 – Vikings 32; A memo to Tebow hater (I was one of you): just embrace it. Everyone with a brain and a functioning pair of eyes knows that this isn’t sustainable so just enjoy the awesome improbability of it all while you can. You’ll probably never see anything quite like Tim Tebow NFL QB in your life so just go with it. And yes he is an obnoxious holy roller, but pretty much every NFL player is a d-bag so is it really that much worse that Tebow happens to be a sober one? Oh and I found this amusing:

God hates Christian Ponder, possibly because his name leaves open doubt as to His existence.

My Pick: SAN FRANSISCO (-13) over St. Louis; Reality: 49ers 26 – Rams 0; I’ve got nothing.

My Pick: ARIZONA (+4.5) over Dallas; Reality: Cowboys 13 – Cardinals 19; It can’t be overstated how badly Jason Garrett bungled the end of the fourth quarter. Not only did he ice his own kicker, he failed to use two timeouts to run a couple plays to set up an easier field goal attempt instead letting the clock run while trying to spike the ball. It’s almost like Andy Reid dyed his har red, lost 200 pound and put on a Dallas polo.

My Pick: Green Bay (-7) over NY GIANTS; Reality: Packers 38 – Giants 35: This is what I get for picking against the Giants.

My Pick: NEW ENGLAND (+20) over Indianapolis; Reality: Colts 24 – Patriots 31: Ironically, after stating that I wouldn’t watch a down of this game I ended up watching nearly the whole thing. This is what happens when you go to a bar with only two TVs for lunch. The Patriots probably got a ton of people in trouble with their bookies by going up huge and then allowing the Colts to score 21 unanswered. I’d be terrified heading into the playoffs if I were a Pats fan. As for the Colts, I’ll have more on their shameful tanking of the season later in the week, but suffice it to say Dan Orlovsky is 1 billion times better than Curts Painter.


My Pick: San Diego (-2.5) over JACKSONVILLE; Reality: Chargers 38 – Jaguars 14; Remember when Todd McShay kept saying that Blaine Gabbert was the best QB in the 2011 draft?


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