‘House of Payne’ Writers Get Raise… Which One is ‘House of Payne’ Again?

Drawing Hitler mustaches on people is a lost art in the world of parody.

I guess I’m really in no place to judge the black community’s apparent willingness to give Tyler Perry all of their money considering that I spend what little I have on booze and mail-order freeze-dried steaks, but it is nice to see that he’s giving at least some of it back. The seven writers for Perry’s TBS sitcom House of Payne will be getting a little holiday raise:

The new contract, a side letter to the Minimum Basic Agreement covering the major studios and networks, increases weekly minimum weekly salaries by 15% and the minimum payments writers receive for scripts by 20%. Because residuals are based on script minimums, residuals payments will also increase 20%. The new minimums increase by the MBA formula (2%) in May 2012 and May 2013, as well. The new agreement was reached under circumstances far less dramatic than those preceding the first deal between Perry and WGA in 2008, which followed more than five months of negotiations and protests by some writers who claimed that they were terminated by Perry over their unionization efforts. The writers’ actions included picketing the opening ceremony of Perry’s studio facility in Atlanta.

People picketed Tyler Perry’s studio and it wasn’t because he’s a disingenuous huckster profiteering off stereotypes about his community who also has creepy eyes? Ooooo Lerdy! (I know, I’m sorry, I just had to).

You know who’s to blame for Tyler Perry’s existence? The networks. This is what happens when you basically ignore 20% of the population with your programming. They get so desperate to see someone like themselves on the teevee that they’ll watch just about anything.


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