NFL Week 14 Recap

Let’s run through this week’s picks and see how I fared:

Thursday Night:

PITTSBURGH (-14) over Cleveland; Reality: Browns 3 – Steelers 14; James Harrison doesn’t think he should be suspended for his hit on Colt McCoy, every single person who’s watched the replay disagrees.


Indianapolis (+16.5) over BALTIMORE; Reality: Colts 10 – Ravens 24; Nice of the Colts to backdoor cover after making a mockery of the NFL with their blatant tanking of the season.

GREEN BAY (-11.5) over Oakland; Reality: Raiders 16 – Packers 46; Seems about right…

Houston (+3) over CINCINNATI; Reality: Texans 20 – Bengals 19; Congrats on being slightly less irrelevant Houston

Kansas City (+9.5) over NY JETS; Reality: Jets 37 – Chiefs 10; The Jets are now in playoff position so at least we know who the eventual AFC Championship Game loser has already been determined. By the way, replacing Todd Haley with Josh McDaniels is like switching which testicle you have cancer in.

DETROIT (-8) over Minnesota; Reality: Vikings 28 – Lions 34; I love being right so let me just say this about Christian Ponder: I TOLD YOU SO. And yeah, the Vikings absolutely got screwed at the end of this game.

New Orleans (-3.5) over TENNESSEE; Reality: Saints 22 – Titans 17; Jake Locker is Tim Tebow with a non-retarded throwing motion, but don’t expect him to get even half the attention because he doesn’t thank God for his morning poops.

Miami (-3) over PHILADELPHIA; Reality: Dolphins 10 – Eagles 26; In retrospect, this was a dumb pick.

New England (-8) over WASHINGTON; Reality: Patriots 34 – Redskins 27; Tom Brady’s little sideline hissy fit sure was fun to watch wasn’t it. I’m just wondering why no one bitches out the atrocious Patriots pass defense.

Atlanta (-2.5) over CAROLINA; Reality: Falcons 31 – Panthers 23; This Julio Jones guy is pretty good huh?

JACKSONVILLE (PK) over Tampa Bay; Reality: Bucs 14 – Jags 41; I would also like to take this moment to say a few words about the Buccaneers: I TOLD YOU SO.

San Francisco (-4) over ARIZONA; Reality: 49ers 19 – Cardinals 27; John Skelton wins football games!

Denver (-3.5) over CHICAGO; Reality: Bears 10 – Broncos 13; It must be really depressing to be a Bears fan right now.

SAN DIEGO (-7) over Buffalo; Reality: Bills 10 – Chargers 37; Norv Turner is actually going to keep his job isn’t he? Philip Rivers might actually kill someone in the next year.

NY Football Giants (+3.5) over DALLAS; Reality: Giants 37 – Cowboys 34; Dan Bailey is apparently the easiest kicker in football to ice. Jason Pierre Paul is a BEAST.

Monday Night:

SEATTLE (-5.5) over St. Louis; Reality: Rams 13 – Seahawks 30; No one cares, no one watched.


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