Week 15 NFL Recap

Let’s run through last week’s games (including the Giants’ meltdown in NJ) shall we (home teams in caps)?

My Pick: ATLANTA (-11.5) over Jacksonville; Reality: Falcons 41 – Jaguars 14: Mark it, the Falcons are a team to be reckoned with.

My Pick: Dallas (-7) over TAMPA BAY; Reality: Cowboys 31 – Bucs 15; Josh Freeman now leads the league in interceptions and the Bucs have clearly quit on Raheem Morris. Best young team in football!

My Pick: NY GIANTS (-7) over Washington; Reality: Redskins 23 – Giants 10; Being a Giants fan means never getting to enjoy a victory because you just know that the next game will be a soul-crushing defeat.

My Pick: Green Bay (-14) over KANSAS CITY; Reality: Packers 14 – Chiefs 19; Did anyone see this coming? Degenerate gamblers perhaps?

My Pick: New Orleans (-7) over MINNESOTA; Reality: Saints 42 – Vikings 20; Who’s the front-runner for the Jimmy Clausen award for rookie quarterbacks who inspire zero confidence that they’ll ever be any good? I give Christian Ponder a slight edge over Blaine Gabbert.

My Pick: Seattle (+3.5) over CHICAGO; Reality: Seahawks 38 – Bears 14; The Bears are the worst team in the NFL right now. I would go far as to say that they probably couldn’t beat the Colts with their current lineup.

My Pick: Miami (PK) over BUFFALO; Reality: Dolphins 30 – Bills 27; Allow this to serve as your weekly reminder that the Bills gave Ryan Fitzpatrick a $59MM contract extension.

My Pick: CAROLINA (+6.5) over Houston; Reality: Panthers 28 – Texans 13; This loss should have cost Houston a chance at a first round bye, except Baltimore and Pittsburgh or as I like to call them, herp and derp, stunk up their respective joints on Sunday and Monday night.

My Pick: Tennessee (-7) over INDIANAPOLIS; Reality: Titans 13 – Colts 27; It’s now pretty evident that the Colts tanked this season on purpose. Now they’re just rubbing it in our faces.

My Pick: Cincinnati (-6.5) over ST. LOUIS; Reality: Bengals 20 – Rams 13; Now that he’s been outplayed by Kellen Clemens it’s safe to say that Sam Bradford is not a good quarterback.  It’s not going to be fun for Rams fans to watch Ndamukong Suh destroy offensive lines for the nest decade while Bradford warms a bench somewhere in the AFC South.

My Pick: Detroit (-1.5) over OAKLAND; Reality: Lions 28 – Raiders 27; Hue Jackson not going for two to put his team up by 14 late in the fourth quarter is just the kind of thinking that leads  a person to trading a first round pick for Carson Palmer.

My Pick: New England (-6) over DENVER; Reality: Patriots 41 – Broncos 23; God must have called in sick.

My Pick: EAGLES (-3) over NY Jets; Reality: Eagles 45 – Jets 16; Andy Reid is not getting fired this offseason. Philly fans don’t deserve that kind of mercy.

My Pick: ARIZONA (-7) over Cleveland; Reality: Cardinals 20 – Browns 17; John Skelton wins football games, just not by enough points!

My Pick: SAN DIEGO (+2.5) over BALTIMORE; Reality: Ravens 14 – Chargers 34; Toldja


My Pick: SAN FRANCISCO (-3) over Pittsburgh; Reality: Steelers 3 – 49ers 20; In retrospect, letting Ben Roethlisberger start was a bad idea


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