Week 16 NFL Recap

Here’s a recap of this week’s picks, brought to you by Victor Cruz’s sick 99 yard catch and run TD (home teams in CAPS) :

My Pick: Houston (-6) over INDIANAPOLIS; Reality: Texans 16 – Colts 19; Overheard at Jim Irsay’s office: “Quick someone injure Orlovsky before he costs us a shot at Luck!”

My Pick: KANSAS CITY (-1) over Oakland; Reality: Raiders 16 – Chiefs 13; Herp, Derp

My Pick: Jacksonville (+7.5) over TENNESSEE; Reality; Jaguars 17 – Titans 23; ESPN’s AFC South blogger (condolences for having to cover that pile of a division, bro) Paul Kuharsky mad a good-hearted effort this Monday to find some positives about Blaine Gabbert. He came up with two plays from last week’s game. Gabbert attempted 41 passes. But hey, I guess when you live in Jacksonville you look for whatever positives you can find.

My Pick: CINCINNATI (-4) over Arizona; Reality: Cardinals 16 – Bengals 23; If the Bengals make the playoffs and no one sees it happen, does it count?

My Pick: Denver (-2.5) over BUFFALO; Reality: Broncos 14 – Bills 40; Father, why have you forsaken me?

My Pick: NEW ENGLAND (-9.5) over Miami; Reality: Dolphins 24 – Patriots 27; I can totally see the Dolphins fooling themselves into thinking that Matt Moore is actually a good QB.

My Pick: BALTIMORE (-13) over Cleveland; Reality: Ravens 20 – Browns 14; I have very little doubt that the Bengals are going to kick the crap out of the Ravens next week.

My Pick: NY Giants (+3) over NY JETS; Reality: Giants 29 – Jets 14; Eli Manning was 9-27 in this game and he was still the better QB. SANCHIZE!

My Pick: WASHINGTON (-6.5) over Minnesota; Reality: Vikings 33 – Redskins 26; Joe Webb is so much better than Christian Ponder. This is the definition of a phyrric victory: not only did Adrian Peterson lost half his leg, but Minnesota lost any shot at Andrew Luck. Hey, at least it’ll be nice and sunny in LA as Ponder throws pick after pick.

My Pick: CAROLINA (-6.5) over Tampa Bay; Reality: Bucs 16 – Panthers 48; TOLD YOU

My Pick: St. Louis (+15.5) over PITTSBURGH; Reality: Rams 0 – Steelers 27; The Rams are worse than the Colts.

My Pick: San Diego (+2.5) over DETROIT; Reality: Chargers 10 – Lions 38; I was so psyched for San Diego to capture the AFC West after the Broncos lost, then this happened. Poor form Norv.

My Pick: San Francisco (-2.5) over SEATTLE; Reality: 49ers 19 – Seahawks 17; Skittles give Marshawn Lynch superpowers.

My Pick: Philadelphia (+1.5) over DALLAS; Reality: Eagles 20 – Cowboys 7; I don’t want to jinx anything, but as a Giants fan let’s say I’m cautiously optimistic about next week’s game.

My Pick: GREEN BAY (-13) over Chicago; Reality: Bears 21 – Packers 35; Josh McCown was benched in favor of Jimmy Clausen last season. That should give some indication of how bad Caleb Hanie is.

My Pick: NEW ORLEANS (-6.5) over Atlanta; Reality: Falcons 16 – Saints 45; The Saints are better than the Packers and Breesus is better than Aaron Rodgers. There, I said it.


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  1. Your observations regarding San Diego relocating are your own, but they are not surrounded by facts. Comparing the San Diego market to Jacksonville is your first mistake. Jacksonville’s metro population comes in at 1.35 Million whereas San Diego comes in at 3.1 Million. San Diego and Tijuana are combined cities and there’s another 2 Million residents for a total regional population of over 5 million residents. Orange County is in no way aligned with San Diego and little fan participation occurs from that area. We have a Marine base within 10 minutes of the Orange County border and several Navy bases. There are 95,000 military personnel assigned in San Diego County. The Chargers have been here since 1964 and have deep roots in the community with a loyal fan base. San Diego is the 8th largest city in the nation. I would use the fact that the Chargers need a new stadium as a possible lead in to your assumptions about this franchise moving.

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