Week 17 NFL Recap

Here’s a quick recap of last week’s picks:

My Pick: PHILADELPHIA (-8.5) over Washington; Reality: Redskins 10 – Eagles 34; Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan believes his team will be the 2012 NFC East Champions. I would say that happening would be the surest sign possible of 2012 being the year the world ends.

My Pick: ATLANTA (-12) over Tampa Bay; Reality: Bucs 24 – Falcons 45; One last time: I TOLD YOU SO

My Pick: San Francisco (-10.5) over ST. LOUIS; Reality: 49ers 34 – Rams 27; Meh

My Pick: Chicago (-1) over MINNESOTA; Reality: Bears 17 – Vikings 13; Slightly less derpy than I imagined only because Jared Allen made a serious run at Michael Strahan’s all time sack record. Fun fact: I was at the game where Strahan set the record, it was cold as balls.

My Pick: Detroit (-3.5) over GREEN BAY; Reality: Lions 41 – Packers 45; Because MVP voters are incredibly stupid, Matt Flynn likely just cost Aaron Rodgers his trophy.

My Pick: NEW ORLEANS (-8) over Carolina; Reality: Panthers 17 – Saints 45; The Packers are definitely thrilled that they won’t have to travel to the Superdome during the playoffs.

My Pick: Tennessee (-3) over HOUSTON; Reality: Titans 23 – Texans 22; One underrated story line this season has been what a good job Matt Hasselbeck did in building a bridge to the Jake Locker era in Nashville. Whichever team drafts RGIII or Landry Jones would be wise to pick up Hasselbeck as a veteran tutor/bridge. It would be a great late career reinvention for Hasselbeck, who has had one of the most fascinating career paths of any starting NFL QB: beginning as one of Brett Favre’s backups in Green Bay, before splitting time in Seattle with Trent Dilfer and eventually becoming a pro bowler, to his final incarnation as veteran mentor.

My Pick: CINCINNATI (+2.5) over Baltimore; Reality: Ravens 24 – Bengals 16; Go ahead and tell me you picked the Bengals to make the playoffs pre-season.

My Pick: Kansas City (+3.5) over DENVER; Reality: Chiefs 7 – Broncos 3; The KYLE ORTON REVENGE GAME was just as predictably uninspiring as everyone expected. Good job backing in to the playoffs Denver!

My Pick: NY Jets (+2.5) over MIAMI; Reality Jets 17 – Dolphins 19; Hooray for barely covering!

My Pick: San Diego (-3) over OAKLAND; Reality: Chargers 38 – Raiders 26; My theory that God hates Chargers fans has been definitively proven by Norv Turner keeping his job.

My Pick: Pittsburgh (-7) over CLEVELAND; Reality: Steelers 13 – Browns 9; Double meh

My Pick: Indianapolis (+3) over JACKSONVILLE; Reality: Colts 13 – Jaguars 19; The Jaguars should have lost this game to keep Andrew Luck from the Colts. Enjoy your decade of futility Jacksonville.

My Pick: NEW ENGLAND (-11) over Buffalo; Reality: Bills 21 – Pats 49; The Patriots are pretty good at scoring points

My Pick: Seattle (+3) over ARIZONA; Reality: Seahawks 20 – Cardinals 23; Seattle is going to be really good when they get Peyton Manning or Matt Flynn next year.

My Pick: NY GIANTS (-3) over Dallas; Reality: Cowboys 14 – Giants 31; YES!


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