Wild Card Weekend Recap

Let’s run through the picks from Wild Card Weekend shall we (home teams in CAPS)?

My Pick: Cincinnati (+3) over HOUSTON; Reality: Bengals 10 – Texans 31; The AFC sucks monkey balls.

My Pick: NEW ORLEANS (-10) over Detroit; Reality: Lions 28 – Saints 45; When did Saints fans go from being heartwarming losers to becoming the single most annoying fan base West of New England? Also, when did the loathsome Tom Benson, who tried to move the Saints to San Antonio shortly after Katrina, become a figure worthy of celebration? Man, people really are the worst.

My Pick: NY GIANTS (-3) over Atlanta; Reality: Falcons 2 – Giants 24; My opinion on the 2011-12 Giants has shifted to cautiously optimistic. I’m not saying anything more.

My Pick: Pittsburgh (-8.5) over DENVER; Reality: Steelers 23 – Broncos 29; Really Steelers? I knew there was a reason I hated you so much? There’s absolutely no way that the Patriots don’t beat the Broncos by at least 20 points next weekend.


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