It’s Official, I’ve Found the Most Useless NFL Story Of All Time

I really should stop reading Between Tebowmania, Linsanity, Pey Pey Fever, Bountygate (can we call a moratorium on adding ‘gate’ to every scandal already? It’s been 40 years since Watergate, time to give it a rest) there’s so much stupidity there that it’s likely becoming hazardous to my health. Well, I think I can stop now, because I’ve found the singularity, the Dumbest Sports Story Of All Time:

On whether Rex Ryan’s notoriously salty vocabulary will clash with his religious beliefs: (Laughing) “How did I know I was going to get asked about this? I’ve have so much respect for Coach Ryan. … You’re not going to have the cleanest language in a locker room, so I’m not too worried about that.”

Holy Shit! How does Rex Ryan cussing become a story, or even a topic of conversation, in 2012? If you need me I’ll be at a bar, drinking myself sideways.


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